Welcome to our first blog post. We would like to use this space to share the latest research, compelling articles, and strategies & tips for managing the transition. We are constantly learning at Partners in Transformation and want to share our learnings with you. Even though our blog posts are focused on students graduating from high school, we find that they are still applicable to us and are insights and reflections that serve as great reminders regardless of your age.

MindShift is a great source of information and research that we reference constantly. Today we would like to share their latest article with you “Emotional Agility As A Tool To Help Teens Manage Their Feelings”. This article really resonated with us and it has a direct link to Pause for Students. The article explains how we can help teens manage their emotions and use them as a learning tool. The key highlights of how we should view emotions are:

  • Emotions are not good or bad –they just are.
  • Emotions pass.
  • Emotions are teachers.
  • Courage is “fear walking”.
  • How Values Affirmation Strengthens Emotional Agility.

Read the full article here: