Suzanne Luxemburger, MSW, RSW, is passionate about providing psychotherapy services to individuals. Individuals seek therapy services when they are interested in exploring areas of their life where they may be struggling. Research states that individuals are hardwired to cope in the best way that they can, however when different parts of the brain are opposing rather than working in harmony, it can lead to stress, anxiety, frustration and depression. Suzanne works confidentially with individuals within a safe, non-judgemental and interactive environment to explore these pathways and find adaptive coping to build a more meaningful life.

Some issues that individuals seek psychotherapy for include managing difficult moods (ex: depression, anger), anxiety or panic attacks, an experience or several experiences that are stressful or traumatic, relationship issues and chronic feeling of unhappiness. Suzanne’s primary focus is to foster a safe and confidential relationship to provide individuals with ease and comfort in sharing their challenges and working toward change. She is experienced in several therapies however meets the individual where they are by using an easy mannered and flexible approach, while drawing on various therapies and experience, to meet individuals’ needs.

Individual therapy is covered under some insurance plans and is tax deductible.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length and can be done in person or over skype. Each session is $120.

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