Partners in Transformations keystone program is Pause for students. Pause was created to help bridge the gap between high school and post-secondary education. We, at Partners in Transformation, understand and have personally experienced the challenges of transitioning from a structured and monitored environment both in high school and at home to entering into a campus with freedom, choices, and independence. This can be overwhelming for both the students and parents. We have developed Pause to provide students with a toolkit to:

Manage academic pressures such as workload, time management, and studying strategies.

Conquer interpersonal challenges including making new friends, establishing academic relationships and developing romantic interests.

Provide the confidence and self-assurance to become actively involved in campus life.

Develop life skills to succeed at independent living.

Navigate the educational system including resources and services available to students.

Pause is a 7 hour workshop including an hour of scheduled lunch and breaks.

The workshop offers a non-traditional lecture style session including diverse modes of teaching. Participants will partake in:

  • Small group learnings
  • Case studies
  • Interactive and experiential exercises
  • Individual reflection time through various types of media

Participants will also have continued access to resources used in the workshop. Following the workshop, there will be opportunities to purchase continued support for the student once they have entered the post secondary scene.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2018 Dates Coming Soon -Stay Tuned!

Note: Partners in Transformation has the right to cancel the session with adequate notice if the minimum number of participants has not been met.

  • 7 hour workshop including an hour of scheduled lunch and breaks
  • The Ron Joyce Center at The DeGroote School of Business – 4350 S Service Road Burlington ON
  • Specific parking and classroom details will be provided prior to the workshop
  • Full price: $219
  • Early bird price: $199*

*Early bird pricing is valid if purchased at least 1 month in advance of workshop start date.

  • It is dependent on your company’s specific benefits plan, however most benefits plans allow for social work claims. We can provide you with a formal receipt to be submitted to your insurance provider. The workshop is also tax deductible.